Saturday, April 11, 2015

Clue The Movie

Well I already reviewed one one cult film with a bunch of dark humor, so why not review another one?

 Now you are probably thinking, "Clue? Really, Clue? The board game Clue?". Yes. Yes really, they made a movie based on the board game Clue. And in a world where they make few movies based on board games, almost all of them are horrendous. And really, Clue is the best one out of all of them and not many people have heard of this movie. But it does have it's fans out there and I am one of them. If not the biggest fan, seriously I spent several years of my life trying to track this movie down on VHS or DVD, and one day I finally got it and I was ecstatic! Now Clue was made in 1985, starring Tim Curry and a spectacular cast portraying the famous board game characters. It's strictly a comedy, even though it deals a lot with murder. This film is just fantastic in my eyes, it's comedy is great, every single one of the actors gives it their all and they do a great job, Tim Curry of course steals the show, because that's what he does, and it's just a fun movie. Now the movie pretty much follows the story of the board game with minor variations, six guests attend a party of sorts at the Hill House mansion because they are all being blackmailed and in the course of these events, their host Mr. Body is murdered, and the guests have to figure out who killed him, where, and with what. Now the whole story is carried through by the performances and as I stated they are all fantastic, the chemistry between all the actors is perfect. The humor is dark but hilarious nevertheless, and it's just a joy to watch. If you're a fan of black comedy and murder mysteries, by all means watch Clue. I don't think you will be disappointed, and honestly if I spent 3 or 4 years trying to find this movie on video, something is obviously great about it. Give it a chance and see if you can guess who did it.

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