Friday, April 3, 2015


Oh boy, how do I talk about a movie where a guy dates his computer and convince people it is one of the greatest and strangest love stories ever made?

Yes, Her is a love story between a man played by Joaquin Phoenix and an operating system played by Scarlett Johansson. It is...amazing. I am trying so hard to find words on how to praise this movie. It's not the best love story I have ever seen, but is most definitely in the top three. I can't explain it, it's so bizarre and yet one of the most genuine relationships ever put on film. Why? Because at first, it starts off with them as friends and they continually build their relationship into a romance. And it is a genuine romance, they have good moments, they have bad moments, it's not perfect but it is wonderful and loving. I never once questioned why this guy fell in love with a computer, because she has a personality. This brand new operating system is sentient, it is alive, it is a constantly evolving and learning thing! She learns more than human beings will in several millenniums, and it is all real and genuine and my heart melts every time I watch them together. And it can kind of hit close to home with some people if they have ever had a long-distance relationship, and couldn't ever see the person they love more than anything in this world. It is the most human love story I have ever seen and it makes me think deeply about love and relationships every single time I watch it. I am in love with Her and so should you.

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