Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Okay so apparently two of my favorite movies of all time star Jeff Bridges. Go figure.

Yeah, kinda weird. More weirder that he pretty much acts like the Dude in this movie too. But, anyways Tron! Tron is one of the most creative and fascinating movies ever made. The story of Tron, pretty much centers around a human being being transported into the computer world. I know it sounds awfully familiar, but I believe this movie started it all. The movie was made and is set in 1982, so this is before the Internet, when computers didn't have a mouse and it was all text, unless you had a floppy disk to play games...and even then they were just text too. But the film really deals with the technology at that time pretty brilliantly. Hell, there's even technology in this movie that we didn't get until about 30 years later and technology we still have yet to see. No seriously, there is this CEO of this huge electronic company that has a touch screen computer as his desk. Are you kidding me?! It took us roughly 30 years to have that technology brought to the masses? Unbelievable. And they have this machine that can digitize real life things and insert it into the computer world, you know maybe there's a reason we don't have that piece of tech yet...but that's how our hero gets zapped into the computer world. And the special effects, oh my God!! These are some of the most ambitious and fantastic early examples of CGI ever put to film! I have NO idea how they accomplished such feats of cinematic magic so early in the 80's, and it still holds up pretty well. It looks very impressive given the technology that was used back then and how nearly flawless it looks. But this film has an answer for everything in the special effects, so since it's in a computer world, if something looks bad or if the special effect doesn't come out just right it's considered a bug or a glitch in the computer and I think that's a genius way of telling how sometimes an effect shot looks a little off. I just love this movie. Now let's talk about the actors. Jeff Bridges plays a computer programmer who created several video games for the arcade but find's out that they were stolen and he has to retrieve them, and Jeff Bridges does do a very good job in this film and he does kinda act like the Dude which you know I love. Bruce Boxleitner plays the title role character known as Tron and plays the best friend of Jeff Bridge's character, and Bruce Boxleitner is the man! You do not get much better awesome and charming and all around amazing acting than from this guy! Then we have David Warner as the main villain, and David Warner is one of the greatest and most esteemed actors from both the stage and screen and he is marvelous in this movie, he does a great job in every movie he is in, whether it is bad or good he still gives a great performance and this is no exception. One of my favorite parts of the movie that really delves into the making of the computer world, the programs look exactly like their users, exactly like the people that programmed them which really touches on the religious aspect of the film, where the users are considered gods and the programs are made in their own image. There are many layers underneath the simple and yet fascinating story. It's a cult film but it really needs to be seen by more people because it is such a great movie, true it may not be for everyone but it's still worth a shot to see if you like it. And to me in my very humble opinion, this has one of the greatest ending shots in a movie ever. It's beautiful, it gives you one last parallel between the real world and the computer world, and I am just a sucker for time lapse shots of cities.

You know what, hang on a sec. I have a video for you! This is seriously one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen in my entire life. I am star struck every time I see it, and I cannot believe mankind has evolved to this point. You have not lived or have truly witnessed beauty until you watch this:


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