Monday, May 27, 2024

To New Horizons!

Update time! Well after several years of living under a semi-decent roof His Dudeness is uprooting and moving to a bigger better apartment, that no doubt will help out in many areas. And though I despise moving I know it's for the best, buuuut that means for about 3 weeks I'll be packing a myriad of books, films, appliances, and clothes so the reviews will be on the down low for a hot second. I'll try to get some writing done to have at least one review per week and since there's no major new releases on my schedule until halfway through June that is a blessing in disguise! If all goes well I'll be settled and ready to roll out with a more consistent schedule from then on. But for this week to atone for my missing World Goth Day on account of Mad Max and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a particular film please join me for my first viewing of The Crow on Wednesday. Stay safe, stay cool, stay awesome.

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