Friday, May 24, 2024


As if to rub salt in the wound, I liked it better than Fury Road.

That could either be a huge credit to this movie or just another rambling review from an old fool. But honestly it was a pretty solid movie all around, it's crazy to think a prequel took about 9 years to materialize in this day and age, but I will never complain about a series taking a hot ass minute to continue. Gives plenty of time at the drawing board to figure out the plot, the production, raise the funds, and fine tune the project just the way the filmmakers like it. Obviously George is back in the director's chair and this movie follows the same aesthetic and visual language as Fury Road, as we follow for quite awhile young Furiosa's turn of fortune from dwelling in the green place to the wasteland which I really appreciate! It's not just, they took Furiosa 5 minutes into the film and then time jump to her grown up they actually take the time to fill her backstory with as much as they could. Utilizing the 2½ runtime completely with nary a drop of filler and ties a nice bow on it when this movie ends Fury Road begins. Anya Taylor-Joy is a good lead and while I haven't seen her in much action-y fare she does admirably here and earns her wings. First also for seeing Chris Hemsworth be a villain, and kind of a right bastard as well I felt he did really well in this role and had that balance between a threat while also having bits of humor. Also props to Alyla Browne as young Furiosa, she got that drama and rage down very nicely. Strange it is to say but I felt the wide breadth and scope of the wasteland was more confined to the fortress hubs this film around, not that I minded because I wanted to know more about them other than Imortan Joe's territory yet it still looks quite good I must say! The action is more varied since it's not a constant moving convoy and though it's an R rated film the blood and viscera is more often than not subdued which is very much the same as the last movie. I liked seeing the story of Furiosa and it was indeed a tale worth telling, what lies for the future of Mad Max I cannot say but I'll be sure to brush up on the rest with any luck before the next new release. 3 stars, 8/10, worth a trip to the theater to feel that intense rumble from all the guzzoline machines.

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