Friday, May 3, 2024

The Fall Guy

Thumbs up indeed.

Full upfront disclosure I was not even aware that this is based on a television show until a few days before seeing it, and I'm an old bastard I tune into MeTV regularly and for the most part is educated in television programmes of days gone by. So I can't speak on terms of adaptation or what have you, so let's just discuss the film. Set in a quite meta world from a filmmaking perspective we follow lovesick stunt guy Colt who after a terrible accident on set, has given up the profession but takes on one more job for the director Jody who he had previous ties to. Amidst all the car crashes, falls, and being set ablaze Colt gets wrapped up in trying to find the missing star when stuff starts getting very very real. It is by no means perfect, it's a tiny bit obvious who the baddie is, some meta elements didn't do it for me, and the metaphors are beat into your head...with a sledgehammer. But it has so much good stuff going for it, simultaneously crafting a love letter to stunt teams regardless of geography or time and making just a fun movie. Ryan and Emily are convincing and have solid chemistry together, they're such little shits but it's endearing and you get invested. The action clearly wears it's production on it's sleeve, very little is CGI and while not a technical marvel in choreography I'll be damned if I wasn't still impressed with those hits and falls. The comedy doesn't go non-stop but when a joke hits it hits like a brass knuckle, I was having a good time in that theater! The soundtrack I was a bit of a sucker for no lie. It certainly has no issue prodding the studio system on how movies are made and can be a eye opener for those not versed in how actual film productions go about their day. There was a clear vision to make this a popcorn movie with a good rind twist of substance, to which I feel they did very well. I can recommend it for a weekend watch at the cinemas or getting on video. I give it 3 stars, 7.5/10! And if all goes well tomorrow, new Star Wars show means new Star Wars review.

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