Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Decline Of Western Civilization: Part 3

I mean I know it's called the Decline but this is where the game truly changes and arguably ends.

It is shocking to see not just how punk culture has changed in almost 20 years, but the filmmaking and subject material too. This film deals solely with the homeless punk scene in L.A. and it does not pull any punches or makes light of the situation. It's a grim meathook reality that I genuinely shudder to think how it is now over in California, and the music scene is not touched on much, rightfully so I would say, you just can't make this stuff up and it is serious, it does need to have a spotlight directed at it, and talked about for no other reason than trying to help. I was a bit hesitant to review it because it didn't focus on the music scene but the music isn't the thing to look at, it's the culture. So we follow a good sized group of a fair bit of teens and a fair bit of people in their twenties as they try to live with no place to go and nothing to do. Punk changed significantly from the 70s to the 90s not just musically, I mean that was bound to happen as new music is introduced, metal stormed the world, grunge was the new thing, so of course punk music would evolve. But the style and attitude of the fans changed a lot, with colored hair in wild shapes, clothing, piercings, they seem way more mellowed out and socially aware fully knowing their standing in the world at that moment and also knowing damn well it's hard to change a situation. But they don't sugarcoat it, these kids do substance abuse, they panhandle to get some alcohol, they don't have homes to go to yet once more it's not all that black and white. Some were abused and thrown out into the streets, some didn't have parents period, they are isolated by society because of how they look, which on a sidebar I personally feel if a place doesn't hire you because you got a nose piercing, or a tatoo, or you got some mad punk hair, or awesome studded clothing, that is discriminatory and as your attorney I advise you to take that matter to tribunal. It's a hard thing to watch but goddamn it, it is happening way too much even today and I am happy all the profits from the film were donated to various charities for homeless people and abused kids. The world has a lot of f***ing problems in it that we're kinda taught to look the other way at. I can see why this collection of films were chosen to be archived and preserved for cultural and artistic significance, it just lays it out there and tells it how it is, and the filmmakers who worked on all three should be commended. I hate ending on a downer but when you're talking life through film, it's rarely a happy ending. 4 stars, 9/10, I do urge people to watch every one of them and hope you get as much as I did out of it. Thank you for joining me this week, till next time take care of yourselves and each other.

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