Sunday, November 10, 2019

Doctor Sleep

Yeah, that's about right.

I really wasn't expecting much from this movie, and to be honest it sounds like a bad idea. It's basically a sequel to The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick, but since it had some literary roots before it was a film it doesn't seem as bad. It's a good movie, maybe not a movie you absolutely have to see but if you like more cerebral stories or are just a big fan of Stephen King, then you should check it out. The story starts out very disconnected and fragmented, following Danny Torrence all grown up and helping a young girl with the same gifts from a band of people who are kind of a cross between immortals from Highlander, and the Dementors from Harry Potter, able to literally suck all the shining out of individuals and further boost their own power. I like our leads, I mean I've yet to see a bad Ewan McGregor performance and he does quite well in this, able to be a mentor figure to this mystical power to a young child. Wait this sounds a bit had something to do with wars amongst the stars. Oh well it'll come to me later. But I feel Kyleigh Curran did a great job and was a really damn good leading actor for one so young and is kind of a badass in this movie, I was rooting for her and Ewan the whole way! Villains on the other hand are sort of blah, we only really know two of them and even then we don't actually know much about them beyond, ooooh spooky eyes because they are eeevillll! But they do the job fine and dandy, and if anything bring new levels to the world that Stephen King has woven. It certainly elicited reactions from me, from unnerving creepiness to flat out exclamations of amazement. They go there, with full out mental power battles and it really is spectacular mainly because I just haven't seen much of that in any media beyond Doctor Strange and the last few bits of Arkham Knight. But it's friggin' cool and I loved it. And no I haven't seen Inception yet (Yeah yeah, I'll get to it one day.) so it was just great fun to see, I actually caught myself tilting my head as the camera did all these weird movements, it's never disorientating but it does kinda make you feel a bit weird. It dips very lightly into actual Shining territory until the end and while others may bitch and moan about it having to use the film as a crutch, I greatly enjoyed it and they showed amazing attention to detail and honestly some of the actors looked identical to the original cast. Hell I almost feel tempted to go home and watch it right now but I actually want to sleep tonight so I will decline, and give this movie a 7/10. May not be essential viewing but it's a decent story that gives you some entertainment. Pretty good movie, and worth seeing at least once. Short review I know, but we got more to talk about this week from another well known director into the fray of suspense and thrillers.

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