Thursday, November 28, 2019

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

I needed to end this month on a high note.

Hey man it was either this or Schindler's List and I didn't exactly want to contemplate suicide tonight, so we're off on an adventure! This was the first Monty Python film made after Flying Circus ended and I do still like this one the most though I enjoy all their films. Probably because this was not only the first thing Monty Python I ever witnessed but if I had to pinpoint it, this might have been when I dipped my toes into british comedy and now I prefer it above all else. I was probably far far too young to watch this movie and truly get the humor, I was about 14 when I bought it on video yet I still very much enjoyed it. The story concerns King Arthur as he gathers knights and travels across Britain to you guessed it, be shouted at by frenchmen, I mean search for the holy grail. I swear Monty Python could be the most difficult type of comedy to talk about, because it relies on absurdist humor but even then there is a method to this madness put on screen, it truly is their own style of comedy because who else does it, let alone pull it off besides them? Nobody. I'm not even sure I could explain the jokes and why they are so funny, it really is something you must see. Now I will say my favorite bit in the movie is probably the intermission, I always forget it's there but it just makes me burst into laughter everytime. That or the opening, I mean talk about a tone setter. Do I really need to touch on cast here? It's the majority of main stayers and bit players from Flying Circus playing multiple parts sometimes even in the same scenes, and they are wonderful. I think John Cleese has the best roles in my opinion, and while he is not the main focus of the journey he gets the most enjoyment out of me, though of course I believe every actor is great in this film. But boy did they go through hell on this shoot, Scotland is gorgeous at times in this movie but man are you victim to the weather and elements out there, yet through all of that they made a great movie. It does show the saying art through adversity is applicable to all genres and films, it sounded quite miserable and horrid during the production but the entertainment value is high with many a quotable line and memorable scenes. You can tell this was a very low budget film but they used it to their absolute advantage and it if anything improves the film! Just the fact they couldn't afford horses so they trot through these areas with coconuts banging together makes you laugh throughout the movie. It's just so well crafted with some jokes that are set up at the beginning and don't get payed off until the end, true not every bit of comedy makes you laugh uproariously but I can't think of an instance where it fell flat either. Is it an epic comedy? Yes I do believe it so, and you should be ashamed of yourself and taunted a second time if you haven't seen it yet. 4 stars! I'll let you be the judge though on the true best Monty Python film, because well comedy is subjective.

On second thought let's not go to Camelot, tis' a silly place. Pie day with the family though, yes please!

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