Saturday, October 19, 2019

Bubba Ho-Tep

I do apologize for the brief lateness of this review, it took me ages to find it and yesterday was hectic. But let's get started on what may be the best horror film I've reviewed this year.

Damn man, that was a great movie. I don't think Bubba Ho-Tep is a great horror film, it's a great film period. And for a story about Elvis Presley and President Kennedy fighting a mummy in a stetson and cowboy boots, it's all that entails and more. It's a B-movie plot but the way it's handled is what really makes this movie special. It stars Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis, as elderly past icons living in a retirement home where no one believes they say who they are and pretty soon there's a mummy about. Why does he have a cowboy hat and boots? Beats the hell out of me, but the mummy is the most underrated monster that deserves more love and attention in my humble opinion so I don't even care. It's all a part of the style of the film, and everything works because of the writing and acting. You don't actually see the mummy much, only about 4 times including the climax, but what makes the movie great is the performance of Bruce Campbell. Now he's always done a fine job in his roles but I'll be damned if I didn't say this was his best role, and I'll stand by that to my dying day. The story focuses a lot more on how Elvis got to the retirement home and his surprisingly deep and philosophical musings and thoughts. I'm serious man if there wasn't any supernatural whatsit's going on and just focused on these two characters I wouldn't mind a bit. He thinks about his past life, his decisions, his regrets, how much time he's spent stuck in a bed, and it's really something special. I can't really explain it, though the film is a comedy it's not afraid to ask some questions about life and it's handled seriously with sincere acting. It's easily the best part of the entire movie and it would take me ages to say how much I truly love it. But it's not just the writing, it's shot very well, the editing is a bit odd but it's nothing that will hurt your enjoyment, the cast is small but the performances of our leads just knock it out of the park. I also recognized a few things related to other mummy movies, the film takes place in East Texas which is already pretty great cause that's where I'm from but it ain't the first mummy movie to take place in the south, the Universal Mummy movies centered around Kharis took place in Louisiana, and there's even more callbacks to that series. The tanna leaves are mentioned which is a key component for ressurecting the mummy, the best weapon of choice is fire, and a strangulation scene is much appreciated. You could honestly look past the horror aspects and see this film as a drama with some damn funny comedy in it, so even if this sounds like a ridiculous movie and it is, you shouldn't cast it aside. It has been awhile since I've seen something this great in terms of writing, this is an absolutely fantastic film which I couldn't recommend more if I tried. 4 stars, 8/10, this is a must see movie for horror fans or people with a good sense of humor or for those who just like a good story. And I can't even begin to say how sorry I am I didn't bring it to your attention sooner, watch this movie regardless of whether it's October or not, you owe it to yourself. Rent it, buy it, watch it, love it.

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