Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Um...yeahhh. This, this is real. God help me.

Why am I reviewing this movie? I don't even know at this point. I have completely lost my damn mind this year, and I don't even care. The short review is, see it. Just see it. I'd almost compare it to a Troma movie but there's actual gore in a Troma movie though that nudity quota is matched! Okay, I gotta calm down and try to relay this plot. So our story focuses on Jeffrey who recently lost his fiancee to a tragic lawnmower accident, just bear with me, and is desperately trying to reanimate her corpse. That is bare bones plot and I honestly want to talk about the movie in depth, no spoilers but certain aspects of story progression will come up. But first, let's talk cast. James Lorinz could not have been more perfectly cast in my opinion, he's very dry and blunt in the comedy but also hits that unhinged aspect and is a real treat to watch. Believe it or not this was Patty Mullen's second and last film, and it kinda breaks my heart that it was because she friggin' cracked me up and for a shambling corpse she has a lot of charm and lovability, and she has a real good sense of humor if nothing else for accepting this part. The movie is a comedy first and is evident from the first scene where Jeffrey is experimenting on a strange one eyed creature's brain so he already found a cyclops somehow, and he's putting a scalpel into the brain on a dinner table and his future mother in law just asks, can you pass the ketchup for me? It's completely absurd but in a way so is the original story by Mary Shelley, and it only gets more bizarre from there. I dare not spoil exactly how he gets the body parts to rebuild his girlfriend but you're gonna laugh if only because you won't believe your eyes. I was actually surprised at the pacing of this movie, it doesn't even clock in at an hour and a half and you don't actually see the, oh God please don't make me type it again, the girl until about an hour in. But then I thought well that's how it was in The Bride Of Frankenstein, she didn't turn up until practically the end, but even then Elizabeth gets a lot more screen time than the Bride for sure. I'm going to lose any and all credibility as any form of movie critic, but I loved this movie. I absolutely loved it, it's an absurdist comedy and I couldn't get enough of it. I was genuinely invested in the romance and the design of the...girl was unique but recognizable and I just digged that purple hair. The film is shot well with tons of just various filth in almost every scene, whether it be graffiti, seedy bars, cigarette machines, or trashy hotel rooms. It might be trash to some people, but the old saying one person's trash is another person's treasure could not be more appropriate in this context. And if you even need one more opinion to push for this movie here it is, Bill Murray said "If you only see one movie this year, it should be Frankenhooker!". Enough said. 4 stars, check it out! This movie came out in 1990 and boy howdy did it set a benchmark for the movies of that decade, Jurassic Park ain't got nothing on this science experiment run amok!

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