Wednesday, April 17, 2019

In Retrospect: Ralph Breaks The Internet

I think it got better.

I can seriously spend the next 3 hours of my life endlessly praising the story of Ralph Breaks The Internet, not the progression of the story but more deeper readings. There's tons to love in this movie, you have such a diverse and fun atmosphere in the form of the internet so it never feels dull or like you need more. A lot of people gave Tron Legacy good grief because it didn't go into the internet and was still the closed off server of The Grid, and I didn't take much grievance with that, because the internet is too big a thing. I can appreciate what this movie did but it couldn't have squeezed more of the world and culture of the internet in the time alloted. It was not the point, the point was to take the relationship of Ralph and Vanellope further. And that is the beauty of it, throughout the whole movie Vanellope kinda comes to a crisis in her life, not only does she get kinda existential and asks if there is more to her life than the same old same old with Ralph, and wants more. That is something rarely talked about, let alone in a Disney movie, I mean the closest we got was Belle's big song about wanting something bigger than she can explain in life, but it does such a better job doing it because of their relationship. It's done so well, and the way it ends warrants the price of admission. They have to part ways, Vanellope goes out on her own to a new game and Ralph has to go back to the arcade, but their friendship doesn't end and they acknowledge that it sucks to see a friend go. That's a very important thing for people of all ages, not just kids. It's a very depressing fact of life that the older you get the harder it is to make friends. When you're a kid, you go to school and have homework, that is what stops you from going outside or over to a friend's house and play. And that pretty much stops when you get to high school, then you have to get a part time job and contend with school which makes it a bit harder but certainly not impossible. You can absolutely forge new relationships in college, but when you're full on working it's damn near impossible to go out with friends. So to go back and see such close friends have to go their seperate ways is rough to watch because they build their relationship so well, it's kind of a bummer ending but you know it will be okay. That's....fantastic. I can't see many complaints for this movie, besides we need more Star Wars and Tron because I'm a fanboy and I love me some sci-fi but that's nitpicking like, extreme nitpicking. The animation is excellent, the story is wonderful, the voice acting is perfect scores across the board, I just friggin' love this movie. I have no clue what they could do next but I am certain the wait will be worth it, even if this was the last one I wouldn't complain that much. I'm so happy I saw it again and I hope more people get to, it's worth your time and money and leaves an impact on you. What more could anyone ask? Well we got one more before birthday week, so stick around.

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