Monday, April 1, 2019

The Disaster Artist

Happy April Fool everybody. Ha ha.

Okay I know I'm not talented enough to do a Tommy Wiseau impression the whole review, but after watching this movie I can't stop talking like him. It's second nature now, people are looking at me like, "What the f*** is your malfunction Dude?" and I'm just like, "Ha ha. It's okay. No problem don't worry 'bout it. Anyway how's your sex life?" I can't stop it. Somebody please help me. Ohh God. Here we go. I really enjoy this movie, this is a good movie, and I have got to get my hands on the book The Disaster Artist because I need to know everything about this production. Because if even 80% of this movie is the cold hard facts of life that happened in 2003, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. It's very much like Ed Wood, the Tim Burton movie Ed Wood not the director. It celebrates Tommy's vision and his commitment to the movie but ridicules and pokes fun at him too. It's this generations Ed Wood in every sense, the exact set design and attention to detail, the showing of various filmed scenes with a behind the scenes central story. Honestly the more I think about it, I honestly think James Franco ripped Burton off to the letter at how exact each movie plays out the same. It's craziness man! Does that mean I hate the movie? No. But it is very much like it, and that's okay. It really did give a great sense of perspective at the end, you know, how people and critics especially can absolutely decimate someone's movie. They had a vision, made it happen, believed in it every single step of the way, and a critic can just smash their work into tiny pieces. But at the end of the day it's just opinion, and if you have a great passion and love for something you want to do, to create something and present it to the world by all means do it. That's something I can take comfort in, yeah we make fun of The Room and Tommy but there is a sense of respect and appreciation. He made a highly entertaining movie known the world over, and has a substantial cult following. Good for him, that's more than what I've done. I'm just a little chicken, cheep cheep cheep cheep! Oh f*** me in the ass tonight, make it stop! I need a drink, I'm losing it. Uh, what else? The performances were spot on, both in terms of movie accuracy and individual performances. James nails it, sort of embellishes it but whatever, don't worry about it. Ha ha. I can't breathe. Damn it Johnny, not now! I gotta finish my review! Dave Franco does a good job though he isn't the spitting image of Greg Sestero but whatever, it's a movie. It's shot very nicely, major shoutout to Molly Mullally who plays Greg's mom, I thought you were lovely. I'm off track, go see it. What a story Franco. Oh my God, I can't stop are tearing me apart Tommy!! Er'body betray me, I am fed up with this worl!!!

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