Friday, September 28, 2018

Something Wicked This Way Comes

A cult hit if there ever was one but so worth a watch!

I think it's because of this movie alone I wish to read all of Ray Bradbury's books, because this is such a fascinating film! The story revolves around two boys living in a small town, who I swear are the only two kids in town, named Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade which is quite possibly the greatest name of a character in the history of fiction. During the autumn days, a mysterious circus appears led by the deliciously devilish Mr. Dark played to ominous perfection by Jonathan Pryce appears, causing several disappearances and the growing suspicion of both the kids and Will's father. It is such a little known movie but I found it to be so good and really well done. There's so much atmosphere, and great camera work, and the story is genuinely intriguing with some good creepy moments. I just never hardly hear people talk about this movie so it was prime material for this year and I think it hit that perfect sweet spot between family friendly and horror which we will dive straight into next week. The kids do very well, though you may find it odd when I say that the real protagonist is Will's father who has to fight his own demons and come to terms with life while helping to rid the town of the circus. But I have no problem telling you Jonathan Pryce is the best part, though he plays a more subdued role till near the end I gotta say that ending act makes up for it bigtime, he brings such an ominous presence and is genuinely intimidating even when he exudes so much class in his performance, I absolutely adore Jonathan Pryce in all his roles. I'm so happy I reviewed this movie, I genuinely really wish for you to seek this movie out whether you just watch it online or get it on Amazon, give it a try because it deserves more exposure and more fans. And I am so thrilled to have hit my 400th review before we hop straight into the most wonderful time of the year. Join me, won't you?

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