Friday, September 14, 2018

Perfect Blue

What?? What??! Are you friggin' kidding me? Why can't I stop laughing??

I can't even with this movie guys. Okay so Perfect Blue is worthy of the genre psychological horror, it is horrific and yes I would dare say it's psychotic. Centering around a singer turned actress, Mima who I....guess is losing her mind after several incidents have occured though honestly she seemed a little out there from the get-go, leading to one jumbled, unnerving, disorientating and yet great movie. I'm at a loss for words. There is no doubt this movie needs to be seen multiple times to figure it out, cause it's like a murder mystery mixed with about 80 grams of cracked out delusions. It's very well done, and can easily leave anyone uncomfortable and even questioning their own sanity. I'm quite honestly unsure if I'm even writing this review, but let's just say I am for now. I could be in my bathtub now mumbling nursery rhymes and tapping my feet against the walls for all I know. That's the power this movie has, it's kinda hard not to get into it. You want to play detective, you want to unravel this mystery, you want to discern fiction from reality and yet you yourself get lost in the labyrinth of these events and characters. This is how you do it Killing Of A Sacred Deer!! Like sweet Jesus what is it like in your head Satoshi Kon? Now I know people have said Black Swan is the live action remake of Perfect Blue, but seeing as I have not seen Black Swan I cannot say for certain, but if you did and you enjoyed it I do recommend Perfect Blue. It does incredibly well in engaging and unsettling you, with really good animation, a cerebral plot, plenty of twists and shock, and I dare you to watch this and go "Bah, that anime stuff is just for kids!". I need to get my hands on this movie and watch it. It has quite an amazing message too, don't get too involved in a certain aspect of your life and obsess over it, you be you and you won't have anything to worry about. Which I think is what the ending was trying to convey.....but I'm not too sure, and I lost my train of thought. I'm gonna sleep on this, and hopefully still be me in the morning.

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