Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Predator 2

Honestly I couldn't tell you which one I like better, the first or the second.

Predator 2 seems a logical sequel because it increases the stakes, references the original, and most importantly builds upon the mythos and lore of the Predators. The film takes place in Los Angeles, already an interesting and cool setting for the film to take place in where we meet a group of cops led by our good friend Danny Glover, as they encounter mutilated bodies of gang members and slowly piece together that the killer may be something more than human and has pinned Danny as a special target. Already, a fantastic setting cause you know some guy was like, "Dude, what if a Predator got loose in like New York City, that would be wild!" so it's a logical progression to go from a jungle to an urban jungle and honestly Los Angeles from the 80s to the late 90s was a pretty crazy scene to be sure and this film almost exaggerates it with massive gang member shootouts, pedestrians locked and loaded, and cops barely able to hold the city together. Now it may actually be like that so the film could even be a time capsule of Los Angeles in 1990! But the movie does so much more than that, it's still just as engaging as the first movie and the body count is ridiculous with the gore cranked up big time, our new cast though not as memorable and cool as Arnold's is still really good and come on if Bill Paxton is in your entourage you got something good. Speaking of Bill, I noticed a very Aliens scene in this movie which I never noticed before and yes this is the film that sparked Alien Vs. Predator and yes it is awesome how they do it. But what I especially love is how much Predator action we get, with new gadgets, a new look, we get glimpses into their culture and beliefs through actions, architecture, customs, and even how long the Predators have hunted here on Earth. It's very fascinating stuff that I hope we see more of in the new movie. So yes I am very torn on which film is better, the first was an action movie with a sci-fi twist and the second is like a crime suspense movie with good chunks of horror goodness. So I guess it all depends on what appeals to you more. I may say I like Predator 2 more, but we gotta wait till Friday to know which is the best. Check back for that and we shall see which is truly superior

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