Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Sickness

You know what I love? Being sick close to holidays. You know what I love even more? Not having a clue what to review when I'm not doped up on cold medicine, which is often. I was going to review both The Truman Show, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest but I have no clue when I will be feeling healthy again. So I'll try to get those out this week, and if I don't I can at least recommend something to watch on television. A few channels have got some good marathons on, AMC has a John Wayne marathon though I personally liked it better when they played The Godfather trilogy, VH1 has a good selection of 80s movies playing, and ABC Family (I refuse to call it FreeForm) has a decent selection of kids movies to entertain the young ones if you have some over, all of which going on Thanksgiving day so take your pick and have fun. You know Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays, I always got to see my family, enjoy all that food, but I was not one for the ball of foot so most of the time if I wanted to watch something I had no choice but to hang out in my room with other people who wasn't one for sports. That was always fun. Now though...not so much. I always try to make it a worthwhile holiday but it gets harder as time goes by. So for me, I want you to have a great Thanksgiving, do not spend it shopping. Boy, what a joke that is, having a holiday built for giving thanks for what you have and for spending time with people you love followed by a day where commercialism reigns supreme and everyone wants a piece of that cake, rioting over material things when you could be home having pie and coffee for breakfast. Now tell me, which would you prefer?

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