Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hotel Transylvania

Wow my first Adam Sandler movie and it's really good.

When I first heard about this movie, I really wanted to see it even though the actors in this movie aren't exactly my favorite. Hotel Transylvania is a pretty good movie with fantastic animation, a good story, and unique looking characters, all with things you've seen before and have never seen before. So what's the story? Dracula lord of the vampires has constructed a hotel for all the monsters in the world to get away from the humans and get some down time. During all of this he is keeping an eye on his daughter, who is approaching her 118th birthday and wants to head out into the big world and explore it all, but her dad is of course nervous for her safety. And it doesn't help that a human boy has actually stumbled upon the hotel. So the count must keep his identity a secret to prevent all hell from breaking loose, while being a good dad. Sort of a complicated plot but every aspect of it is done very, very well starting off with the animation. It is amazing. Not just in style, not just in color, but how fluid it moves! You never see animation move this quick and flowing it is truly a marvel, beautifully creepy look and feel to everything, major points to that. Another excellent aspect is the characterization, especially to Dracula and his daughter. Dracula is a almost normal guy with the exception of being a bloodsucking beast of the night! He's just trying to run a good buisness, hang out with his friends, and take good care of his daughter. The entire backstory and pivotal characterization of him I dare not spoil, but it has so much heart and very sad to hear but you can identify with him on a human level. The same goes for his daughter! She's a sweet girl, with a fun loving personality and has to deal with her overbearing dad even though she knows he has nothing but good intentions for her. And man I got to tell you, I know for a fact I'm going to be that dad. Like if I have a little girl, she is going to be MY little girl forever, no boys, no dating, no kissing, none of that. I know she will grow up but I really wouldn't want her to. So yet another aspect of Dracula's character that I stand by wholeheartedly. But anyway, the comedy is good, not hilarious but good because it delves into really derivative jokes but it's still salvagable mostly because it does focus on just visual gags and with the animation it really hits well. Now truthfully I have not seen the sequel yet, and with this movie I have high hopes for it. I think it will be very good! But one movie at a time, definitely watch this around Halloween time especially when you have kids, it has elements that kids can laugh at and for adults to appreciate. Definitely a great spooky family film.

Tune in tomorrow for one more movie. Very obscure but great nevertheless.

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