Friday, August 26, 2016

A Monster In Paris

A true obscure gem. And yes I will wave my Phantom Of The Opera flag proudly!

A Monster In Paris is a delightful family film, with a few nods to the novel Le Fantome De l'Opera by Gaston Leroux. I saw this movie on a sheer gamble and walked away with armfulls of reasons why I love this movie. The story follows a group of characters living their lives when one day through a scientific accident, a monster has been created. A monster with a passion and genius for music, that much like other monsters is a sad character hunted down by human characters. Where do I start with this movie? The plot while simple, just works. It has such endearing characters, beautiful art direction, lovely music, and so much more. Also major props to the climax, it is definitely something new and interesting. It has fabulous use of color, some good comedic moments but focuses on pure heart. And you are convinced of it, you get emotionally invested in the story just like in The Phantom Of The Opera. I kept track of all the nods to various versions of the book, because I'm a friggin' nerd for this stuff. Not only does it straight up use character names from the book, but even uses a line from the book. Bravo movie. And the costume the monster wears...hell yeah. He actually has two, one being this almost crime noir look to it with a long coat and a red scarf, while his other costume is a Phantom costume like to a tee! All white, gloves, excellent mask, and looks badass! What's an interesting choice is the fact the monster never speaks, but he does sing his heart out. Which is kinda clever, and the songs like I said are very lovely. High spirited, awesome dance choreography, just a sweet soundtrack. And the look of the movie is very well done. For everything they did in computer animation, they got it right. True, Paris doesn't look as unbelievably gorgeous as it did in Ratatouille but it still looks good. I'm not sure when the movie actually takes place, I think it's 1910, which is actually when the book was written. Clever. Man I got to tell you to check this movie out. It's different but amazing for what it tried to do. And that is it ladies and gentlemem, goodnight everybody!

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