Friday, June 16, 2023

The Flash

Okay so it's finally here.

As a more DC centric fan I was interested how they would do the Flash movie, in no small part to the return of Michael Keaton, and ignoring the real world walking fiasco that is Ezra Miller and focusing entirely on the film how was it? Not bad, pretty decent I would say, adapting parts of The Flashpoint Paradox (feel free to read up my review on that for a synopsis) and adding plenty of a mix from all corners of the DC universe. Handy pro tip straight up, DO NOT look up anything about the movie on the IMDB period! So Barry on the eve of his father's appeal case and having a rough PTSD flashback to his mom dying, runs faster than ever before and travels back in time. The year 2013, where Zod invaded Earth but with zero metahumans to help, he has to enlist help wherever he can to get back to his proper universe and time. Obviously he gets a hell of a partner and a slight twist to an old classic. A lot of stuff happens, some of which I shall not reveal, but how the story progresses feels natural and since the crux of it all is an emotional dilemma for Barry you feel some stuff man. Just that general idea of turning back the clock just to see your mom alive again holds some emotional drama and that's the arc for Barry, to accept it and live for the future and not the past. Obviously we get a lot of action between the start and finish of that arc but it's still potent enough. For the sake of brevity I shant indulge my inner Keaton fanboy a tremendous deal, but come on was there a doubt he wouldn't be as cool and awesome? Highly doubt this is a straight up continuation of the Burton movies but screw it, I saw all the details and nods and appreciated it. And truth be told, Sasha Calle is a pretty good Supergirl too, but I'll admit up front I haven't watched the show or had the gumption to watch the movie so my view is limited for sure, but I really digged the shit out of her! Ezra still has that bubbly, completely autistic, and fun attitude and ain't terrible at the heavy scenes either, but I fully and completely understand if people can't disassociate enough between artist and art. So let's lightning round some details! Music, okay but points for the Danny Elfman theme. Action was shot well and never got boring with good and ample use of speedforce. Effects, they're not super polished and I heard some people say the movie is flat out unfinished but in all reality the vast majority of the film holds up with only two major areas where it looked very early PS3, so it's passable. Acting all around was solid. And hey if this movie ain't your cup of tea from the get go, rent The Flashpoint Paradox animated movie and pop in the 1989 Batman! I'm probably gonna do that anyway this weekend after we talk about Elemental tomorrow. Final score 2.5 stars, 7.5/10, and they don't really do the reboot thing like in the comics so who knows what will come next after Blue Beetle. Just do weird random movies DC, the cinematic universe seems to be getting lethargic and bloated to the point of expiration so just make some wild ass superhero movies every now and then! Can't hurt, I promise you that.

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