Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Daughter Of Horror

I think the weird scale has reached a new limit.

Daughter Of Horror is a unique beast in the landscape of horror cinema, purely experimental and abundantly amateur in filmmaking technique, but it's a movie that warrants a bit of conversation. So the plot of this 55 minute film concerns a young woman traversing into the night and meeting many strange individuals while reflecting on her horrific past, where her father shot her momma down and then she killed her dad. It's sooo close to being a silent film but isn't, the only way I can describe it in an appropriately weird and offbeat way for this movie is you know how in Sin City certain elements have color in a noir world? Think that but in terms of audio, there is zero dialogue except for a narrator who then only pops up about 5 times, there's screams and laughter, footsteps and squealing tires, and a prevalent music score with spooky vocals. The film is no doubt set in a dream, as our main character passes from incident to incident without much set up or segueway, the execution of the film is much more fascinating than the plot, and the lack of any viable corroborated background information only adds to the mystique. Pretty gnarly to see a bit of blood and a severed hand (weird how that's happened twice this week) in a mid 50s film, and the overall aesthetic and production seem more fitted for a television series with a healthy dose of unique and weird properties. It's bizzare, weirder than the weirdest David Lynch film, but I feel that's the intention and reason why people are aware of it. Being showcased in The Blob didn't hurt though. It's unique and may not objectively be good but I found it interesting to experience. 2 stars, 6/10, and we're not mucking about tomorrow we're going straight for a 50s classic with Vincent Price. Yaaay!!

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