Monday, March 7, 2022


Like man I am surprised I have not heard that much about Brave.

I vaguely remember seeing a teaser trailer of it back when but after that no one talked about it hardly, which I find inexcusable. Brave is a mighty good film, much better than I anticipated. It's a surprisingly simple but potent story where a young princess named Merida is at odds with her mom Queen Elinor about her getting an arranged marriage, Elinor feels it's keeping with tradition and to do it for the sake of the kingdom whereas Merida wants no part of it at all to the point where she meets a witch and asks if she can change her mom. Ask and you shall recieve and in a slightly worrying retread of Brother Bear the mom is transformed into a black bear, forcing Merida to figure out a way for her mom to change back while settling their differences. Now, on one hand I can see people hate this story going on about, oh Merida is just having some first world problems it's just marriage get over it and stop being so whiny, while other people including me focus more on the relationship between daughter and mother and side with Merida about choosing her own life. Cause both of them do things they regret before Elinor even becomes a bear, and it is a strong good story to see them reconnect and become better people with a better understanding of one another by the end. I got a lot out of it and Merida I think hands down is my favorite Disney princess. I mean you know me and red haired girls, and scottish women are on a whole other level entirely and damn them for being so amazing. The scenery was outstanding, I mean the scottish landscapes and forests looked so beautiful, not to mention the animation period was on top form as always from Pixar. I don't think many people would appreciate this as much as I did but I am so thankful and happy that the majority of the cast hails from the U.K., we actually get scottish actors to play scottish characters. Will wonders never cease? Kelly Macdonald was pitch perfect for Merida, bringing youth and energy to a untamed and adventurous spirit. Billy Connolly, king in the movie and king in my heart the man is a treasure. I have spoken. Emma Thompson, oh big shock does good work and while being that overcontrolling mom doesn't reach the point where you hate her, I dare even say in fact there's not a single character to hate intentionally or unintentionally throughout the film. We do however have to talk about Maudie for a minute. What the hell was that? Movie! I have not seen a more robust in the busty sense of the word, woman in an animated film since Anastasia. The bounce worried me, and the movie had the sheer force of will to give a shameless money shot, full extreme close up of cleavage and I'm just like, you're some right proper dirty bastards over at Pixar! What the flaming ostriches was that about?? Okay, rant over. It's a movie that deserves more credit than it's getting nowadays and I almost feel is becoming a Pixar movie that's being forgotten about which is a real shame. I personally give it 4 stars, 8.5/10, this is a dang good movie that I know can speak volumes for either younger girls or just anybody in general. Go check it out man, it is worth it.

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