Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Candyman 3

I totally get why they wanted to make a new one.

As a "final" entry in the series, it's okay I actually think it's better than the second, but not by too much, and the fact it was straight to video actually makes a lot of sense now that I know that. So we follow the daughter of Annie from the last movie Caroline who is now all grown up and trying to split the man from the legend of her great great grandfather as more killings and familial drama occur. Yet again centering the plot around a holiday, this time Dia de las Muertos and while it has as much to do with the plot as Mardi Gras did in the last film I do have to commend the filmmakers for not only shifting the setting again this time to Los Angeles, but also giving a fair shake of hispanic culture into it. Now that's not to say the direction is flawless, the flashes of white was unnecessary to say the friggin' least and majorly gave me Halloween 6 flashbacks and while the gore has been upped, there wasn't much to really admire this time around. The director of the last film knew how to work with mirrors, he really nailed the framing and creative shots utilizing this specific detail of the myth, but here I didn't get much from the cinematography. Plus I really miss the musical cues that the second film also retained from the first, though I will say the music was still good. The acting was certainly leaps and bounds better than the second with the entire cast delivering a solid performance with actually really good chemistry and dynamic between certain players, so you can kinda see why I hold it higher than the second film. Plus you get a very healthy dose of Tony Todd throughout, so that I really must applaud. But again it kind of is a mixed bag, with stuff I liked and stuff that did nothing for me. I'm happy I saw the other two films, but you really gotta be hardcore for the Candyman to delve farther than the first which is a movie that improves everytime I see it. 2.5 stars, 6.5/10, high hopes for Friday and I'll be endlessly fascinated how they will handle so much of the mythos in the new movie. Until then everyone.

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