Friday, August 27, 2021

Candyman (2021)

Well folks we may have a modern day horror classic on our hands.

There is so much to say, and I could go on all day about it but the sheer bottom line is, go. See. It. It is great. I mean it had my intrigue and attention for months, hearing Jordan Peele work on a modern day Candyman film had good potential. To which I fully believe the film delivers, it is a flat out sequel to the first film set roughly 20 years later and I loved it for that, you get many mentions of Helen, the events that played out in the first film but never once for a second does it feel like treading the same waters. It fully does it's own thing and beautifully. The film snob in me was thoroughly pleased with the cinematography, sweet merciful glory did this film look good and the director better get awards that's all I'm saying. In fact, it took me nearly to the end of the film but it has this quasi-It Follows type of editing and cinematography, and news flash I adore that movie and it's look. Holy hot damn, the visuals this movie gives is bellissimo, so unique and always interesting. This film had me at not the first minute, not the first shot, but the studio logos. You'll find out when you see it. Just...ohhh this was the film I wanted, good story, really good cast, crafts it's own mythos while still firmly respecting and acknowledging the original film, I can barely even think of all the good stuff in this movie to talk about. Again, the cast is spot on and able to balance the more funny parts with the horror, Yahya Abdul-Mateen was a very good lead and the chemistry worked super well I found with Teyonah Parris, I have no problems getting immersed in this world with these characters. It's cool to go back to Chicago, and again it gives a lot of story and character to the setting. And the way they do the Candyman mythology is super interesting, not just with the sort of infection of our main character but also the past history of the legend himself. Hell, even the past events of the first film have a myth and story all of it's own. This film really is a breeding ground for people to start delving into and dissecting mythology, like Joseph Campbell kind of dissection. Whether it be urban myths of today, classic tales, greek legends, all that good jazz. It's just such a fascinating concept, and the movie makes you think a bit. I'm seriously gushing about this film, and I feel it deserves it. I think it can withstand multiple viewings and still keep it's edge, I dare even say it's one of the best movies I've seen this year. They pulled everything off in aces, I'm having a rough time picking stuff that I did not like. Visuals, excellent. Music, top notch. Cast, very good. Story, proper good I'd say. Do I think it's 10/10 material? No, but I'd give it a 9/10. Full 4 stars, highest recommendation, go see it in theaters. A super strong ending to this week, will the trend continue at the next theater experience? Time will tell, it always does.

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