Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Peanuts Movie

Well this movie was fan-flilpin'-tastic!

You know I feel so bad I never really watched Peanuts when I was a kid, oh sure I read the comic strips in the newspaper but never really watched it until very recently. This movie started off perfectly with Vince Guaraldi's beautiful music, I highly recommend you listen to his music if you are a jazz lover like me, and what followed was a very charming, sincere, funny, and just a wonderful movie to watch. It seriously made my day! So what's the story this time around? Charlie Brown is being very Charlie Brown as always, until a new girl moves in across the street and our boy Chuck has got a crush. The movie pays such a loving and excellent tribute to Charles Schulz comic and the various specials that came out over the past 50 years, and I'm so happy they made this movie cause I feel like current generation kids don't know Charlie Brown very well, and maybe this movie would get them to watch the cartoons and read the comic strips (Do kids even read comic strips anymore, or are they just for me?) so I applaud the people who did it. And while I'm at it, the animation is...wonderful. So much color and expression, with beautifully detailed backgrounds, and somehow mixes a three dimensional world with two dimensional characters and they mix so well. It just looks so dang good! Just everything was done so well. I especially loved Peppermint Pattie and Marcie in this movie, they are absolutely fantastic, Peppermint Pattie almost stole the show for me. All the voice acting is spot on, and I'm very happy they continued the tradition of using real kids as the voice actors, it really really does add so much to the performance. The only bad thing I can say about the movie is, there is modern music in it. It is not a complete jazz soundtrack which I can kinda, sorta understand. You need upbeat music for kids to enjoy it, I doubt most little kids would love to listen to some relaxing jazz music for about an hour and a half but I still wish it had more music which I associate Peanuts with. But regardless I am thrilled to own this movie, and you know it's funny, most people will admit Charlie Brown is not a happy character. He's a very down trodden, depressed character but with this movie it really is his time to shine which puts you in such a good mood! I haven't been this happy in...a long time, let's just leave it at that. So I'm walking on sunshine right now, I loved this movie to death, I really hope you go check it out, I feel so bad I did not watch this in theaters but I feel I appreciate it and love it a thousand times more than I would have when it came out. So I'm very happy I decided to review it now, I needed this pick me up so badly and I will no doubt watch it more in the future. know what tomorrow is. I'm not ready. But we cannot stop Christmas from coming. Or can we?

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