Friday, May 19, 2017

Alien: Covenant

First Alien movie seen in theaters, how was it?

It was good, it wasn't great nor was it terrible. It picks up 10 years after Prometheus (Which I have not seen, so I was not fully prepared for it.) with a colony ship en route to a new world, get sidetracked by some bizzare transmission, it's not an SOS, it's not a beacon of some form, and they decide let's go. I'm sensing a pattern here. So they get to this planet that has no form of animal life on it, they find the ship from Prometheus and encounter a character from it, and that's when the story kicks off. I dare not delve deeper. So we have Ridley Scott directing again, and he does fine work as always, nothing really spiked on my bullcrap meter...kinda. But that's my own doing by not seeing Prometheus, which I was hoping I did not have to see in order to get this movie. But anyway, everything is fine about the movie, actors are likable 90% of the time, the sets look great cause they are real, action wise nothing much occurs really except for a few shootouts, the music elludes to the original Alien, and I had fun watching it. But all in all, you gotta be a fan of the series to enjoy this movie. You can't just come in there willy-nilly, you have to be informed. I was mostly informed, so maybe if I watch Prometheus I can enjoy it more but if you are not a fan I doubt you are going to see this movie. Although it's good to see some Alien action again. That sounded bad, I apologize for that. So I best shut up now before I keep rambling. Till next week!

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