Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Batman Year One

Well the good news for this week is I have no work so I can get out 3 reviews and don't have to stress about it. So this week I shall be reviewing 3 fantastic Batman animated movies.

The first thing I have to say is every single DC animated movie based off of any source material is very accurate. Batman Year One is more or less an origin story not only for the Batman but for also Jim Gordon who is starting off as a cop in Gotham. And the story does span in over a year, and one bad thing about this movie is the pace of the movie is very fast and not only until past 2/3 of the movie in, does it start to slow down. Another negative criticism I have is Ben Mackenzie as Batman, now Ben Mackenzie is a great actor and one of the best Jim Gordons I have ever seen and he plays Jim on the series Gotham but his Batman voice is so forgettable. Think about any Batman, you remember his voice. Like Michael Keaton, you remember his gravely Batman voice! With Christian Bale need I say more? Hell even with Val Kilmer's Batman you remember his voice very well. Now I'm not saying Ben Mackenzie is a bad Batman but he is just okay, but every bad thing I say about Ben Mackenzie is quite the opposite of Bryan Cranston's performance as Jim Gordon. Yes Bryan "Heisenberg" Cranston is Jim Gordon in this movie. Do you really need another reason to see this? He is awesome in this movie, and he has the perfect voice for Jim Gordon. But the good stuff does not stop there! The animation is excellent, the voice acting is spot on for the most part, the fight scenes are fluid and well choreographed, the plot is very true to the graphic novel, and it's barely over an hour long so there is no reason why you shouldn't see it. If you are a Batman fan you should watch this movie, if you want to see a great Batman story you should watch this, if you just want to watch this because it has Bryan Cranston in it go for it! I hope you enjoy it and tomorrow we will look at a much older Batman.

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