Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker

This is both a new and old Batman movie, made in late 2000 but taking place when Batman is in his 80's.

The story follows Terry McGinnis as the new Batman of the future, fighting new enemies and the greatest foe of the original Batman seemingly back from the dead. Where this movie excels greatly is the tone of the plot and the character dynamics between Batman and the Joker. And of course having the original voices for the Joker and Batman, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy makes it that much greater. And the best scene in the movie I sadly can't tell you about because it has massive spoilers, and the reason why it is the best scene is because of how personal and how dark and disturbing it gets. It really does push the envelope as to what you can put in a kids movie. Now this movie actually has two versions, a PG and a PG-13 rating and the PG-13 version is the much better version so if you ever want to rent or buy this movie go for that version. One thing I am genuinely surprised at is how much story and very good character development they got in this not even an hour and a half movie. Yeah, this movie is barely over an hour long, so running time is no problem whatsoever. I'm serious I watched this movie right before I had to leave for work. They did a great job with this movie, and one thing I have noticed while watching all these animated Batman movies this week is how timeless they are, you have no real idea of the time frame of these movies and there is no real indication of what year they were made because the animation and voice acting is so outstanding. If I ever get around to composing my top 10 animated Batman movies you will most likely see all of these on it. You guys have got to give these movies a shot even if you are not the hardcore Batman fan like myself. These movies are really good, very well put together, and just give great stories, so of course I am going to recommend them. See if these movies make you more of a Batman fan or less of a Batman fan. I hope you enjoy them.

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