Monday, April 29, 2024

In Retrospect: The Bad Batch (Season 2)

The end is almost upon us.

Absolutely wild to think The Bad Batch is wrapping up, granted I didn't think the show was going to go on for seasons upon seasons but it sure as hell hits different when it actually occurs. But has the opinion changed much since the initial review of this season? Not terribly I'll admit but a rewatch always helps consolidate your opinion and I enjoyed it just as much. I do say the second season is better but...more as a whole rather than a singular season, if you follow me. It is good but it's elevated because it builds upon the foundation of the first season, you get a continuation, you get to see events progress and characters have more time and material. Honestly I consider the first and second seasons to pretty much be equal in quality, not one having higher footing (Or should that be ground?) than the other. Still entirely steadfast in my opinions of best episodes, and while I am very excited for Tales Of The Empire I did want it more to be like The Solitary Clone episode, a more anthology take on different sections of the Empire but fuck it, I'm ready for those new stories all the way! And now with the grace of the passage of time we can talk spoilers at last. I'm not usually one to throw out predictions or theories for upcoming projects but seeing how Crosshair's story has evolved thus far I'm either thinking death by helping the squad or getting zombified into a Death Trooper shell, but regardless it is a very very good and compelling storyline for Star Wars. Admiral Rampart is a massive dick and his comeuppance along with hopefully his execution couldn't have come swifter, he is that microcosm of clone distrust and hate yet even though I am a supporter of clone troopers I also absolutely understand why they are getting phased out. One, to sever any last remaining ties of the clone war and the Republic. Two, you don't want to keep the guys around who killed their last generals I mean there are commands and orders to execute the Chancellor or now the Emperor. But it is pretty fucking sweet to see that initial Ralph McQuarrie concept art of stormtrooper armor be prevalent on screen, I'm just hoping we somehow see it go all the way and see stromtroopers wielding white lightsabers in some visual medium. I don't think it's any secret Hemlock is tinkering with cloning tech for our beloved Emperor Palpatine, I fully expect to see that come season 3 and have one more glorious excuse to extend my middle finger to all those sequel haters. There are better people out there fighting the good fight for that trilogy, and I'm just not taking the high road like them. The light was never my path. Speaking of tech, boy should have fully seen that coming! I knew something was up because Tech got a big upgrade in screen presence, one on one time, motivation and perspective, dude almost got a girlfriend for crying out loud, he got a tremendous push! Even with his last talk with Phee it felt more like a goodbye than anything, so seeing him take that dive for the team while not out of left field still had a punch to it. But until I see a body, I'm not saying he's gone. You cheeky buggers pulled that Darth Maul card once on me, a broken pair of goggles ain't cutting it. And by the way, I also ain't believing that horseshit about Omega having a sister, yeah she kinda has the New Zealand accent but what friggin' ever man, I'm betting she said it just to have a manipulation hold on poor Omega. Not buying it. Will season 3 remedy such reservations on my part and also subsequently be seen as an improvement by the fandom in terms of overarching story? I'll admit I would laugh my ass off if the majority of the last season was just Hunter and Wrecker fucking about on unrelated deadend jobs and only sometimes trying to find Mount Tantiss. I'm just giving you good grief Lucasfilm, I know you'll perform admirably. So tune in Wednesday for the whole last season review!

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