Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Top 5 Worst Films Of 2022

Welcome to the first ever top worst films list!

5. League Of Super Pets. Yeah I really wasn't expecting much and shock of shocks I didn't get much. Funniest part was a cussing blind turtle.

4. The 355. First review of that year and I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad as it was. Reality is often disappointing.

3. The Bad Guys. Oh God, this movie did fuck all. Toodles DreamWorks, you couldn't even get Richard Ayoade to be funny!

2. Lightyear. This movie can fuck clean off, not only did it just shit in it's hands and try to tell me it was hot chocolate but I also got hit by a car afterward. No good memory exists of this film.

1. Hotel Transylvania 4. You want to talk about wasted potential for a final movie? Look no further. I'm not even all that mad, just resoundingly disappointed and I shake my head in disgust and defeat.

It could have been worse I will fully admit, but it was still plenty bad enough. Catch you for the first review of the year next week!

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