Thursday, December 3, 2020


Well bollocks, here we are again. Luckily I will be doing better things with my life, like throwing cold water on carolers so they get hypothermia and reviewing non X-Mas material. But here comes the interesting part, I've heard tale of several films debuting so close to the most dreaded day of the year so what should I do? Stick around and attempt to get them done or simply pick up next year with several new films? I suppose it entirely depends on the familial schedule, as since I'm the only logical member of the family. Regardless we have at least two weeks of reviews which I am happy to do, talking about an excellent piece of british comedy and touching on my favorite series once more before the end. And you know what the true kick in the groin is? I actually made a Christmas list, God help me I'm going native. I haven't had one in about a decade. But anyway, I'm quite curious to look at the list of upcoming movies because I forget what's literaly about to come out, what has already been out, and what do I have to wait for until next year. I know Wonder Woman 1984 is heading to streaming and possibly theaters, I haven't heard a damn thing about Soul, and no doubt there are sevral releases on the Redbox to look into. So much work to do, and no doubt next year will be easier for us all, but not yet. The trick now is trying to survive but as my favorite band once said, "The future's uncertain and the end is always near.".

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