Monday, May 25, 2020

Lucky Star

It has just now occured to me that while I have reviewed tons of anime movies, the television series avenue is sparse at best. So I shall attempt to remedy that with three whole anime series reviews this week.

10/10, go watch it.

What's that? The review is too short? Alright fine. Lucky Star was a beloved and popular manga that originally began in 2007 and still is going strong, and in that same year an animated series was made based on it. The story is incredibly loose, following four high school girls as they discuss random topics, poke fun at each other, and generally just live their day to day lives. In short, it's perfect. I have a lot of favorite shows, shows I have watched time and again whether it be animated or live action and even then I have the slightest of issues with them. Not this show. There is nothing but pure and concentrated joy and happiness when I watch this show. In fact, if I'm being brutally honest....I've seen this show more than any other anime. Combined. Literally I have rewatched the show all the way through more than 10 times, Cowboy Bebop hasn't done that for me, Ghost In The Shell hasn't done that for me, Dragonball Z hasn't done that for me, but this show has. It is utterly fascinating trying to decode why I love the show that much, the animation is simplistic yet detailed with bright rich colors and almost watercolor backgrounds, the voice cast is nothing short of spectacular upping the cuteness factor to unbearable degrees, even the english dub doesn't westernize anything very much keeping every ounce of Japanese culture in it while just translating the dialogue so big brownie points there, and the story or what very very loosely counts as a story is incredibly endearing and no doubt hits home with countless people. We've all had discussions like these with your best friends regardless of age. Literally the first 1/3 of the the very first episode is the girls talking about how you eat certain foods and it is some of the most entertaining dialogue I've ever witnessed. And what I really love is the characters, they are so simply designed but the personality, character, and quirks shoots off the screen (because leap doesn't cut it) to the point where you can identify them beyond their extremely colorful hair. We have Konata, the living embodiment of an otaku and all around lazy butt. Sisters Kagami and Tsukasa, who are total polar opposites with Tsukasa being the soft spoken, sweet, and precious one while Kagami is more rough around the edges, has a lot of attitude, and gets easily flustered, but not like in a bad way at all, sure she gets grumpy but she's still a nice girl. And last but certainly not least Miyuki, quite possibly the most adorable character in the history of fiction, I cannot get over how frick fraking precious and sweet she is, her intelligence is over 9000, she's incredibly polite, heck even the main characters kinda crush on her, she's just a total cutie pie yumness. This show is so gosh dang, gee willickers cute I can barely stand it. How I didn't explode into a cascading shower of rainbows, glitter, and confetti is beyond my mortal comprehension. I'm not even sure if this show took years off of my life because I was laughing so much I couldn't breathe in almost every episode, or it prolonged it by several decades by inducing such laughter and unbridled exuberance and joy. It's a show literally anyone can watch, whether you are familiar with anime or not, it's a sublime piece of television. It's easily the most entertaining show I've ever seen which is odd because it is kind of the Seinfeld of anime, but I personally believe it is a loving rendition of life in all it's silliness and charm. Even I do not understand why it is so perfect, it just is and I can't get over it. 4 stars, 11/10, 105% on Rotten Tomatoes, I would be here for the next decade telling you how wonderful it is and while I don't expect everyone to love it as much as me I still strongly urge people to watch it.

Next time, a anachronistic time warp to the Edo period of Japan.

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