Friday, December 21, 2018


What a rush!

If a movie can make my jaw drop based off of visuals and scale alone, quite a few times even, you may have a really damn good movie. Just saying. Well the plot mostly stuck to Throne Of Atlantis, with some well added elements, Jason Momoa is fantastic as always, Amber Heard further proves not only why I love redheads above all others but also that Mera can take any badass chick from the DC universe, James Wan brought so much to the visuals and style which was excellent, and I have to admit it ended pitch perfectly. Hell it even threw me for a few loops most of which were good but I gotta say, there was one shock that wore off quick. Take a shot everytime someone is having a conversation then stuff explodes from the background into the foreground, you will get tipsy fast. But honestly that's the only bad thing I can say. The film looks so beautiful in terms of design, color, effects style, it's a visual feast to the eyes and I give it 10/10 for visuals easily! They did the story very well and yes it actually involves a bit of world trekking both above and under the ocean waves which is fun. And oh, that reminds me! I almost daresay that the movie would not be nearly as impressive audibly at home than the theater, every wave, every water drop sounds so impressive with that booming surround sound. I just love this movie both from a technical standpoint to story. I definitely recommend it, especially to a friend who thinks Aquaman is a bit shall we say outclassed in the Justice League. Major props to Geoff Johns for making Aquaman freaking beast, and of course to Jason Momoa for bringing such a wiseass, hard edged, rough and ready persona to a growing in popularity hero. Go see it for sure, you will not be disappointed!

And now I am going straight from Theater A to Theater B for, hopefully the Transformers movie I've been wanting since 2007.

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