Thursday, December 7, 2017

In Search of Shapes In Water

Well I'm stumped on this. So I wanted to review The Shape Of Water before I went on my Christmas break and the damn movie was released in New York today, and won't get down here until the 21st! The closes theater showing it is in Austin, so that pretty much scratches that out. As a gift, I might do it after my break has started but until Saturday, I really got nothing. On the upside, it is snowing outside now. In Texas. In SOUTH Texas. Hell, at least someone has been listening to me! I decided that October should be cooler with a lot of breezy air and falling leaves, and we got that here. I felt it was high time December should be, you know...December so the temperature has dropped to the 40s and now snow. Now we need to make the snow last just one day more, and all will be right in the world. So what should I talk about tomorrow? An In Retrospect, or another Christmas classic, maybe even a short film to get you in the spirit? Who knows? But we'll all find out tomorrow. Until then, stay frosty and I'll keep you posted.

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