Sunday, March 22, 2015


Now...where to begin? Ah.

Welcome to my blog. I am the Dude. This is my very first blog I am attempting. Forgive me if I ramble a bit. It is a common problem of mine, so I will try and keep these blog entries under 10,000 words. I sincerely hope you will enjoy and respect my opinions found here. I will try and post reviews at least three times a week on my blog. Perhaps in the future, I will upgrade from text reviews to video reviews. But for now, we must start small and grow from here. My reviews will mainly consist of film and television series, on some rare occasions I will perhaps review books or even music. But I stick to what I know best which is, film and television. I'm not entirely sure what I would do for my first review, I'll probably make a list of possible candidates and let people choose for themselves. I'll have that list on here soon enough. My reviews will be very concise and I will give fair warning if I delve into the rants, but I'll try and keep it very minimal because who would want to hear me rant for five pages on why this character is superfluous? So this will be quite interesting, and I hope it will work out for the best.

Until next time.

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