Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wonder Woman Bloodlines

No surprise what the next review is going to be.

I very much was surprised when I learned Bloodlines was not a sequel to the 2009 film which I reviewed way back, even though I should have been clued in that there was a decade between the two releases. This follows the main animated DC universe, which I've touched upon oh so briefly but it works so easily as a standalone movie you don't even need to worry about it. The film starts very predictable, hi Steve, but goes big and broad quick. We jump a bit forward in time as we see Diana be fully in her Wonder Woman persona and is asked from a friend she met not long after arriving in the U.S. about helping her daughter out of a pretty sordid company of characters who comprise Wonder Woman's rogue gallery. We see Cheetah, Giganta, Dr. Poison, Dr. Cyber, and Silver Swan. Now I will admit even to a big DC fan such as myself, there were some names I was not terribly familiar with, specifically Silver Swan and Dr. Cyber, but you grasp the concept and personality of the villains quite quickly so it didn't pose problems for me. But all does not go well for Diana and Silver Swan is birthed, with Dr. Cyber leading the charge from behind the curtain to attack Themyscira and use their power. So we get fair amounts of both settings, and while I do take slight issue with some elements of the film I think the plot is handled well. Positives first, they got Diana perfectly in this movie. Absurdly compassionate, kind, thoughtful of others, doing the right thing to the best of her ability, I have zero issue saying this is the best version of Wonder Woman I've seen and that is coming from someone who loves Gal Gadot, and treasures Lynda Carter, and grew up watching the Justice League show. Rosario Dawson brings that perfectly balanced performance of, Wonder Woman fearless hero with high morality and values, and Diana kind person who has a bit of humor and wears her heart on her sleeve. I very much liked all the cast, Jeffrey Donovan did great work with Steve, and Marie Avgerpoulos did quite well with Silver Swan. The animation still has that distinct style of that series of films, but is handled well and looks really really good in places. Now for negatives, the reasoning for certain events in the film could have been handled better, they're not shit but it wouldn't have hurt to re-write it. Silver Swan's creation into villainy seems incredibly quick and a touch nonsensical, Diana essentially does have to go obtain a McGuffin for the plot, I personally do not subscribe to the Amazons having advanced technology I see them much more mythical but I know that's just my stance so it's not horrible, Diana forgets where Themyscira is located after she leaves which raises many a question to me, it's more brief moments and details that make me just go, "Wha?" more so than big important plot details. I think it's a totally fine, okay movie, it's for the audience who watches the animated DC stuff (Though it's still good to know they're still doing the kinda sorta nudity and cuss words, thanks I still want it to die.), it's by no means essential viewing but if you want a proper comic book movie that embraces comic book stories you can have fun with it. 3 stars, 7/10. Life is good with this movie, but it can be better.

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